For years now, the Google Adwords interface has been clunky, crowded and complicated.  Although extremely powerful, the scary old platform made it quite difficult for the average user to navigate.

Only seasoned professionals dared enter the Adwords stadium, and rightfully so.  For even the most experienced marketers were destined to face the slaughter, watching helplessly as their advertising budgets vanished into thin air.

So, how is the new Adwords dashboard any different?

Let’s take a look.

Vertical Navigation

The first (and main) difference in the new Adwords dashboard is the vertical navigation menu.  This new interface feels very much like Google Analytics (understood by few and feared by many).  It certainly makes the dashboard much tidier, and from an aesthetic point of view – far less intimidating.

Intuitive Groupings

Many of the features in the old Adwords display have been clustered together and arranged into more sensible groups.  This makes for a far more intuitive experience when creating, testing and analysing ads, while still maintaining the immense power of the original interface.

Sexy Graphs, Charts and Numbers

Being a data freak, the addition of better looking Charts, Graphs and Analytical Data has me licking my lips.  Hubba Hubba!

Is it just me, or is it getting really hot in here?

The Final Verdict

So, is the sleek new Adwords dashboard any better than the old one?

  • The new dashboard is no “better” than the old one.  It still has all of the same tools.  It still has the same amount of power.  The only difference is they are a little more organised and prettier to look at.

Is it any easier to use?

  • Yes and No.  If you’re a new user, you’d appreciate the new layout.  If you were an experienced user of the old Adwords interface, you’d know where everything is already.  Experience users switching over to the new interface have nothing to worry about, as the layout is very intuitive.

I’m a newbie, should I start using Adwords?

  • Even with a pretty new dashboard, there is still a very steep learning curve when it comes to Google Adwords.  Proceed with caution and be prepared to lose money.

As previously mentioned in this article about Facebook video marketing, there is no one-size-fits all approach and no single tool for the job.  It takes a combination of efforts across a range of platforms and deep understanding of analytical data.  Google Adwords just happens to be one piece of the puzzle.

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