In years gone by if you weren’t in the Yellow Pages, you were almost unreachable.  Now, the Yellow Pages, along with most other forms of static indexes and media, is dead and buried.

Today we live in the digital age – where Google Search is King. And it makes perfect sense.

Think about it from a customers point of view.  You may be away from home, looking for a nice place to dine, for example.  The first thing you’re most likely to do is grab your mobile phone and run a Google Search on nearby restaurants.

Having a Professional website will put you where you need to be.  Right in front of your customers.  It gives the people looking for you the necessary information to make an informed decision.  Who you are, what you do, how to contact you.  Possibly even make an immediate purchase, depending on your business.

In addition, it also provides you with an opportunity to make a good first impression.  Showcase your products and services, let your customers engage with you and your business. Increase your professionalism and brand image.

I’ve heard people say “My business is doing well, I don’t need any more customers.”

This is great news.  However the point of having a website isn’t only to gain a larger customer base.  To succeed in business you need to maintain a competitive edge.  Your website is a highly effective marketing tool that, when designed correctly, can keep you ahead of your competitors now and into the future.

Conditions could be much different ten years from now.  In the meantime, your competitors may have been steadily building a strong online presence – leaving you behind.

Having too much business is a much better problem than not having enough.

Think you can’t afford it?  Think again.

Most people will happily hand over thousands of dollars for a new computer, vehicle, tools, or any equipment that makes operating their business easier.  Yet many think they can’t afford to invest in a website.

How much does a new mobile phone cost?  A new laptop?  A customised, professional website is an asset to your business.  Promoting your business, boosting your professionalism and providing information and engagement with your current and future customers.  It’s value is priceless

To stay on top in today’s (and tomorrow’s) competitive world you simply can’t afford NOT to have a professional website.

Does your business have, or need a website?   If you’ve enjoyed reading this article or have anything to add, leave a Comment below.

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