With the huge advances in AI (artificial intelligence) technology, many more tasks in our every day lives have become automated.  Google is leading the way, although there are many other companies hot on their heels, eager to grab a slice of the AI pie.

While automation is a necessary progression in modern business, marketing bots will most likely have a negative impact on your brand and your business.  One major aspect to consider is Customer Service.  Using bots to respond to questions posted by your customers, or engage with them, is not a good idea.

At its best, even the most cleverly programmed bot can only deliver pre-programmed generic responses, wreaking of “fakeness”, which your customers will not appreciate.

Some have the ability to learn, adapt and adjust – although the results leave a lot to be desired.  The most famous example of bots getting it wrong: Microsoft bot “Tay”

In a competitive world where personalised service is rare, genuine interaction could be the single factor that sets you apart from others in your niche.

3 reasons you should never use a bot for Marketing:

  • People like to deal with people
  • Bots make your brand seem less genuine
  • Your analytical data wll not be accurate

People like to deal with people

Have you ever tried to navigate an automated telephone menu?

“Press 1 for your account balance, Press 2 to transfer between your accounts.  Say yes to confirm…  Sorry I didn’t quite catch that.  Please hold while we put you through to a Customer Service Representative.  All of our Customer Service Representatives are currently busy.  Please call back later.”

These experiences are not the most pleasant.  The lack of personal service from such interaction only leads to customers being frustrated, angry and ready to take their business elsewhere.

If artificial service annoys you, there’s a very good chance it will annoy your customers as well.

Bots make your brand seem less genuine

Facebook business pages and groups are a fantastic way to build a community of people who have one thing in common – Your Brand.  I laugh and cringe on a daily basis at companies and business who have utilised the services of a bot to either try and boost their pages engagement data, or actually converse with their customers.

“In a competitive world where personalised service is rare, genuine interaction could be the single factor that sets you apart from others in your niche.”

The funniest (or saddest) part of all this, is that these bots have mostly been installed and set up by third party marketers, rather than the business owners.  People who have invested money, trusting that their social media accounts will be managed with their best interests at heart.  All the while, these bots are causing irreversible damage to the integrity of their business and diminishing customer loyalty.

The only results I have ever seen from business who use social media chat/marketing bots are negative.  There is usually a very short period of time where activity may increase, followed by a sharp drop in user engagement.  In most cases engagement actually drops below the level it was previously, before the introduction of bots.


Analytical Data is vital to any marketing campaign

Skewed figures.  Making unsuccessful marketers feel successful since 1500 BC


Your Analytical Data will not be accurate

When it comes to marketing, your analytical data is everything.  Introducing bots to the equation will skew your figures, providing false and misleading information.

How is it possible to make improvements in a Marketing Strategy when the data you are looking at is not accurate?  Frankly, it isn’t.

If your marketing campaign did not succeed, you need to face up to that fact.

This is why the value of accurate analytical data is so important.  By looking at true data, changes can be made to the campaign strategy, allowing you the ability to make improvements.

Inaccurate data might allow you to feel less guilty about wasting money on an unsuccessful marketing campaign, but ultimately it is highly misleading and provides a false sense of achievement.  It also becomes far more difficult to see what did or did not work and how you can make adjustments to improve the campaign, or develop a new strategy.

In Conclusion

Just don’t do it.  Provide genuine, personal service to your customers and they will appreciate your business, your brand and your services a whole lot more.

Have you ever had a bad experience with an automated bot trying to offer you customer service?  Any funny stories to share?  Leave a comment below and subscribe to keep up with the latest news and updates from Farrelly Web Design

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