The Power of Facebook Video

Video has become a central part of Social communication.  Whether it’s cat videos, social injustice, current world events or cute kids saying grown up things – humans just love Social Video.

Here are 5 Reasons Facebook Video Marketing Works.

Massive Global Reach

Since acquiring Instagram as a Company, Facebook advertising now has a global reach of over 2.5 billion active monthly users.  In comparison, Twitter has a reach of approximately 300 million, with LinkedIn targeting an audience of around 106 million.  While these other platforms are unique and still possess great marketing potential, there is simply no doubt that Facebook is Top Dog when it comes to Global Reach.

Another point to mention is that WhatsApp (a free to download messenger app for smartphones) is also owned by Facebook.  WhatsApp has a reach of 1.2 billion users.  There is quite a lot of talk amongst the tech and marketing industries that Facebook is planning to monetise this application by collecting user data and serving advertisements.  If these suspicions are accurate, it would bring the potential Global Reach of Facebook to around 3.7 Billion active users.

Here are the Statistics

Facebook vs YouTube = Cheaper Ads

Social Video used to be a one-horse town, with YouTube pioneering and dominating the market.  Now there are a number of companies stepping into the niche, with Facebook making huge ground in its market share.

Why does this matter?

Considering that YouTube is owned by Google, the scale of these two companies is quite similar (Google:Facebook).  So the increase of competition has brought with it more competitive pricing.  Facebook video advertising (currently) performs better and costs less than YouTube in most cases.

Facebook has a number of distinct advantages in this battle.  Since YouTube pioneered the market, Facebook has been able to learn from them.  Funds have been able to be more effectively placed towards product development and marketing for Facebook, as YouTube had to fund vigorous market research and testing prior to product development.

Humans love Social Video

Knowing what we know about the companies involved, with their almost limitless access to funding and immense power, its difficult to determine whether we naturally love Social Video or we have been programmed to love Social Video.

Either way, we do love it.

And as a marketing platform, it just works.

Superior Platform + Targeting Algorithms

The Facebook Pixel is possibly the most powerful little bit of code on the planet right now.  Targeting Algorithms and audience behavioural research is obviously something this company has invested heavily in, as the results are second to none.

Alongside the competitive pricing of Social Video and the fact that people just love it as a resource is the strength of the Facebook Advertising platform.  This platform is superior in functionality, data analysis and audience targeting.

If there was a downside to the equation, it would be that this platform contains so much power, that despite having an aesthetically pleasing interface, the amount of options and potential variables is staggering.

It’s important to know what you’re doing when using the advertising platform.  Otherwise there’s a pretty good chance you’ll just be throwing money at Facebook, instead of leveraging it’s awesome power.

In Conclusion

To have an effective Digital Marketing Strategy, an amount of research and testing will need to be undertaken.

There is no one-size-fits all approach and no single tool for the job.  It takes a combination of efforts across a range of platforms and deep understanding of analytical data.  Facebook Social Video Marketing just happens to be one piece of the puzzle.

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